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Almost Heaven - Created and named for my husband's beloved Granny, Almost Heaven is a blend of pear, fig preserves, maple, and vanilla. Granny always loved to pick various fruits and either eat them on the spot or take them home and make pies. We both have memories of picking fruit with Granny and we hope Almost Heaven takes you back to fond memories of spending time with your Granny or Grandpa or some other family member you may be missing.

Nostalgia - Nostalgia is very vanilla forward with just a hint of lavender and driftwood to make it just a little more special than other vanilla candles. We took notes from our most popular candle and combined them with creamy vanilla to create a scent that will be adored by vanilla lovers and be loved by others as well!

Cream & Sugar - Growing up, both our homes began each day with a pot of coffee brewing. School days, Saturdays, Sundays before church... the familiar, comforting scent of coffee was always present. Now, days in our own home begin the same way. Even when we visited our current home when we hoped to purchase it, we walked in the kitchen and it had that very familiar nostalgic scent, it immediately felt like home!