This collection will bring back sweet memories of summer with scents that include sea salt, citrus, and fresh flowers!

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Joyful - Joy was a word that carried me through my journey with cancer, and lemon has always been one of my favorite scents and flavors.  We hope this creamy, not tart, blend of citruses and vanilla will remind you of a pie you had at a church homecoming, or maybe a lemon pound cake your grandmother might have had on the Sunday table. And most of all, we hope it brings you JOY.

Everything Nice - You may recognize Everything Nice as one of our original scents named for our granddaughter. We tweaked it just a little, by adding some clover and dandelion to appeal to a broader audience. You will still smell the gardenia and a bit of “what’s that other thing I smell?” Hopefully Everything Nice will become your new favorite!


Beach Box - Ever since our kids were young, we have visited the beach.  We have stayed in larger, ocean front homes and we have stayed in more modest homes,  known to some as beach boxes.  It didn’t matter either way, we were at the beach and we have tons of memories there.  We finally had the privilege of purchasing our very own beach box recently and we have already begun building more memories with our children and grandchildren. We made this candle as an ode to all of those precious past memories, and the ones that are to come.  Beach box has notes of sea salt, palm, and musk and we really hope it takes you back to precious beach memories of your own.

Honeysuckle RoadOne of the first people/places to take a chance on Deeper Roots was Pattie with Davenport Harvest Market.  We are still with her to this day and we wanted to create a candle that would bring back some sort of childhood memories from near or at the farmland she grew up around so we asked her to make scent suggestions.  She messaged one day and said she was walking down a path and was hit with the unmistakable scent of honeysuckle and she knew that was the scent she wanted. We talked about how she and I both grew up tasting honeysuckle straight off the vine in the summer.   So that is how Honeysuckle Road was born!  With notes of jasmine, sweet honeysuckle and amyris, we hope that Honeysuckle Road will remind you of your youth wandering through the woods, or along a path and coming up on the sweetest scent of summer.