Best Sellers

These original Deeper Roots scents quickly became your favorites following our initial release, and have been our best sellers ever since!

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Dreamer - My daughter has always been a dreamer.  Always carefree, and a free spirit.  The scent we created for her has notes of bamboo and aloe, a splash of refreshing mango, with a hint of iris and coconut all combining to evoke feelings of spending a dreamy, carefree day on a tropical island.




Long Walk - My dad walked everywhere he went in the small town where we lived, and he really enjoyed long walks on the beach. In earlier days, when doing so was a little safer, he was known to hitch hike here and there.   But the real reason for the name is due to his fondness for telling me to go take a long walk off a short pier if I was getting under his skin.  The scents used here are some of his favorites; woody cedar and cypress, sweet orange, clove and lavender; making for a very comforting and popular fragrance blend good for any occasion.


Quiet Evening - If you enjoy candles that smell like a nice men's cologne as much as we do, this is the candle for you. Created for our son who is quiet by nature and enjoys time with his family, this scent will make you want to sit back and relax at home. With its notes of amber, sandalwood, musk, ylang ylang and just a hint of vanilla, Quiet Evening will have you wanting to spend time at home relaxing around the fireplace, enjoying a drink, watching a movie, or maybe just hanging with someone special.